tigerDog is now Closed...

tigerDog: Adj. [ti'ger~Dôg] to be part tiger, part greyhound and tired. Very tired.

A tigerDog is a special kind of Dog. One that is shaped like a greyhound, striped like a tiger and sleeps like a baby. A very tired baby that has a very special reason for being tired. Probably a lack of sleep....

image: oh the fangs, the fangs, the snoring....

Jake and Luke. tigerDog brothers.

This site was originally written for Zack, the original tigerDog, in 2003 and has outlived all of our beautiful tigerDogs.

We adopted Zack, a.k.a. "Mr. Pinchy-Gorgeous", in 2002 at the age of 8. Zack passed away in August 2004 after two glorious years with us. This boy taught me every trick in the tigerDog book. He is the one to blame for all of the ensuing madness.

In the September of 2004 we adopted another two greyhounds. Their names were Jake "the Snake" and Luke (Doobs / Bum) and they were both 2 years old.

Jake was pure brilliant white with a black half face and Luke was a red-brindle (and he was mad. Very mad).

image: such a gentle, beautiful soul....

Kane. A beautiful soul and
a true tigerDog.

Jake was 10 years old when he passed in July 2012. We got another tigerDog brother for Luke, his name was Kane (Bear). A magnificent, beautiful black tigerDog.

In November 2016 my best buddy and soul pup, Luke, passed aged 14. Followed by our darling Kane in November 2018 at age 10.

Since November 2018 we have been without a tigerDog. It breaks our hearts but we had a lot of joy, fun, laughs and love from our boys.

But now being tigerDog less, this site is being mothballed. It was an immensly fun 16 years being a tigerDog slave. However, all things come to an end. Even the really good stuff...

I will leave you with this:

Get your own tigerDog. You know you want one!